After We Let Animals Live

I rely on the individuals, organizations, and sites in this section for accurate information and insights regarding animal and environmental protection. Their inclusion in Sources, of course, does not imply they endorse or support the After We Let Animals Live project. I would be honoured if they did, of course.

This list is not exhaustive, more sources are to be added, and it will be updated regularly.

I’d be grateful for the contact information for other individuals and organizations that should be included in Sources. Please use Contact to submit them.

Stephen Best, April 2023

Animal Alliance of Canada

Animal Protection Party of Canada

Animals 24-7

Bear With Us

Canadians for Responsible Food Policy


Eurogroup for Animals

Farm Forward

George Monbiot

Gary L. Francione

Hope for Wildlife

Manitoba Animal Alliance

Marc Bekoff, Ph. D

One Green Planet

Party for the Animals

Plant-Based Cities Movement

Project Drawdown


The Conversation


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